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Gardener Resources of New Jersey

Gardens to Visit

Multiple gardens, walkways through natural areas,  programs for adults and children, educational programs, both free and for a fee.

Gardens to Visit

NJ Local Nurseries & Stores

Local Nurseries & Stores

Our Favorite Plant Sales

Many of the private and public gardens have plant and bulb sales. Check out a few and ask about sales when you visit!

Plant Sales!
Pollinator Resources

Pollinator Resources

  • - Aside from interesting general information about all pollinators, there is also suggestions for plants that attract pollinators by state and region

  • - North American Butterfly Association has events, information, and a New Jersey Chapter!

  • - U.S Forest Service has information about pollinator plants, including native plants

    •  - U.S. Fish and Wildlife has similar topics to Forest Service

  • - For bee lovers and bee conservancy advocates. Includes focused resources for children

Speak with your local gardens, who will likely have information and possibly educational courses on pollinators.

Plant Species Organizations

If you have a favorite type of plant, indoors or out, there is often an organization dedicated to that species. Many have local chapters and shows:

Plant Species Orgs

More Garden Clubs of New Jersey

More NJ Garden Clubs
National Garden Clubs  logo.png

National Garden Clubs, Inc.


Central Atlantic Region of State Garden Clubs, Inc.


Garden Club of New Jersey

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